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front cover peace and quiet

Thirty Days of Peace and Quiet

by Barbara Oden and Judy Vandiver

Peace and quiet. We all want it. But it doesn’t come easy in the hectic, busy world most of us live in. The greatest peace we can know is when we come quietly beforethe Lord. The peace He gives can transfer us into a spiritual realm minus all the hustle and bustle of our busy day.

Ten to fifteen minutes spent reading these short devotionals will give you something spiritual to think on as you go about your day. Through sharing their own stories, authors Barbara Oden and Judy Vandiver reveal how God has led them to quiet times with Him which have brought peace to their souls.

Currently on sale for $0.99 as a Kindle book. Click here to buy now on Amazon. 

Screen shot 2012-02-19 at 7.10.29 PMThirty Days of Gratitude

by Barbara Oden and Judy Vandiver

Gratitude is not always easy to express, but the Lord desires our gratitude. He longs for it.

Authors Barbara Oden and Judy Vandiver have penned short devotions that guide you, the reader, toward looking at your attitude of spiritual gratitude. By following this simple thirty day devotional plan, within one short month, your heart can be more attuned to offering spiritual gratitude in your walk with the Lord. The authors have kept the devotionals short so you can spend more time thinking about the scriptures, then express your own thoughts back to God.

 Currently on sale for $0.99 as a Kindle book. Click here to buy now on Amazon. 


partnering cover

 Partnering for Greater Writing

By Barbara Oden and Judy Vandiver

Finding a good match for a writing or critique partner can spur you on to greater writing and greater success as a published author. A good writing partner understands a writer’s heart, fears, and thinking. It is someone who becomes the other half of your writing journey; someone who knows and understands you. Your spouse, other family members, or friend may be supportive of your goal to become a published author, but if he or she isn’t a writer, they will not understand the process and will probably think you are from another planet.


Authors, Barbara Oden and Judy Vandiver, share their experience of working together to more than double their efforts. In Partnering for Greater Writing, they share:

• Three realities of a writer’s life,
• Five reasons people fail to achieve their dream of being a published author,
• What to look for in a critique or writing partner,
• Where to find a writing partner,
• Why goal setting is important to your writing career ,
• Advice on maintaining schedules,
• Fun things to spur creativity with a writing partner,
• Appendix of online resources for writers.

  • Paperback book sells for $7.50 plus postage. Email to order.
  • Book also available on Amazon Kindle. Currently on sale for $0.99.
  • Click here to purchase Kindle edition



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